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You have taken the first step to increasing your knowledge and taking your artistry to the next level! I know it's not always easy but I am HONORED that you are considering me for your Artistry Development & Education.  I am excited to pour into you and trust that I do not take that responsibility lightly! As a Beauty Expert, I am a true advocate of continued education! I have spent years learning, studying and perfecting my craft. After I began my makeup career in 2004 , I went on to spend 8 years with MAC Cosmetics and have also received training and certifications from other powerhouse brands such as Estee Lauder, Lancôme, Bobbi Brown and Fashion Fair to name a few. I have worked under some of the BEST artist's in the game! Makeup Icons such as Sam Fine, Renny Vasquez and Tiyana Robinson. I'm thankful for the wealth of knowledge I've gained and can't wait to share it with you!


I created Elevate Your Artistry with Pro's like you in mind. Since scaling my business to six figures I came to the realization that my artistry is what attracted clients and even opened doors, but my business savvy is what really allowed me to land huge opportunities, demand the rates I needed to keep my business profitable and fills my books with QUALITY clients. If you're ready to do the work...EYA is for you!


Elevate Your Artistry ("EYA") is a 1 day 9 hour intensive. During this time together we will work on perfecting a Signature Soft Glam and a Signature Bridal Look. If no one else has told you that Bridal is where the money is, well then...you heard it here;) I want to help you create CONSISTENT income year round just like me! THIS is how my business has been able to thrive in the midst of a pandemic! We'll spend the day together, have lunch, restructure your business, tighten up your backend and even show you how to best position your work through dreamy content so that you can leave ready to DOMINATE your business (rather than be a slave to it). I mean, we're covering EVERYTHING!  And you know there's a payment plan available, (Can I get an Amen!?) 


I only take on a handful of students per season, so lets make this YOUR season to WIN!